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Bodybuilding and power lifting are my main projects. I mainly stick to the "high intensity" type training that was perfected by Dorian Yates and Mike Mentzer with great results.

We will put together a program that is a combination of bodybuilding and powerlifting moves to obtain the greatest results. But the bottom line is you have to be willing to put in the work. 

My greatest reward is watching others push themselves and earn the results that they are striving for.

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I am certified through the national strength and conditioning association as a personal trainer and have a precision nutrition Lvl 1 coaching certification. I have extensive knowledge and experience in speed/power development for athletes, strength training, mobility training, as well as nutrition. Health and fitness are two things that I value most. My mission is to help others build strong and healthy bodies to take on the demands of their life. Great responsibility and care is taken when it comes to coaching and designing a plan for you but your desire will ultimately determine your success. My services include one-on-one and small group training sessions as well as nutrition guidance.

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Former semi-pro rugby player, amateur boxer, and now competitive powerlifter. I have trained in numerous styles from strength training, bodybuilding, fight camps, and performance training. I practice a training style that tests your limits and makes you go against your initial thoughts of giving up. I require a "no quit" mentality with my training partners and clients for the purpose of my mission is to not only help achieve your physical and performance goals, but a spiritual and mental growth that you will carry with you beyond the training sessions.

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Email: nikoa554@gmail.com


I’ve been working on bodies since 1992, first as an Occupational Therapy practitioner for 10 years then as a Postural Kinesiologist/personal trainer. In that time I’ve carried numerous certifications and engaged in copious continuing education as well as competed as a power lifter. My clientele has run from beauty pageant competitors to world class martial artists, bikini/figure competitors to record setting powerlifters. If you’ve got a specific goal we can hit it!

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Daniel Restrepo

Fitness Photographer experience: 7 years

I'm passionate, multi-talented, and motivated creator that will go beyond all measures to achieve something beautiful and meaningful that exceeds all your expectations.


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