Apexintensity: A Legacy in Progress

2018: Humble Beginnings
In the confines of a modest garage, a dream took form. A handful of friends, united by their shared status as Black sheep, embarked on a journey. Not to fit in, but to stand out. Thus, Apexintensity was born - a clothing line for us, the outcasts.

2019: Defining Our Identity
From a mere idea, we branched out with 22 unique apparel pieces. Our ascent was slow but deliberate. We didn’t aim for universal appeal but sought to resonate with like-minded souls. Our mission? To champion individuality and empower everyone to embrace their authentic selves without bowing to societal pressures.

2020: Rising From the Shadows
The world came to a halt with Covid, and our momentum wavered. But even in obscurity, our spirit remained unyielding. Deep within that very garage, our passion burned brighter, leading to the birth of our first supplement, a testament to our resilience and the unwavering support of our community.

2021: From Ashes to Apex
Our ambition expanded beyond fabric and supplements. We laid the foundation for a sanctuary: a 4000sqft gym. Despite adversities that threatened our dream, our commitment never faltered. As months rolled on, the "Apex" in Apexintensity became evident. Our community thrived, and our space became a temple for all who believed in our cause.

2022: Expanding Horizons
Our gym burgeoned, expanding to 15,000sqft and welcoming over 500 members who resonated with our ethos. Celebrating this growth, we unveiled new workout apparel lines, each echoing our rallying cry: "It's for us". Strengthening community ties, we proudly sponsored local schools and budding athletes, propelling our vision further.

2023: Forging Ahead

The dawn of 2023 saw the relaunch of our enhanced pre-workout supplement, encapsulating our relentless drive. Giving back, we hosted charity events and two powerlifting showdowns, celebrating strength in all its forms. And now, as we embark on our most ambitious project yet, our clarion call remains unaltered. For all those unheard, unseen, and undervalued, our message remains: "It's for us", and it always will.